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Myopathy should b considd in any patint with dius myalgias, muscl tndnss waknss, and/makd lvation CPK. Patints should b advisd tpot pomptly unxplaind muscl pain, tndnss, waknss, paticulaly i accompanid by malais v i muscl signs and symptoms psist at discontinuing ATOLIP CV . ATOLIP CV thapy should b discontinud i makdly lvatd CPK lvls occu myopathy is diagnosd suspctd.

It is commndd that liv nzym tsts b obtaind pitinitiating thapy with ATOLIP CV and patd as clinically indicatd. Th hav bn a postmakting pots atal and non-atal hpatic ailu in patints taking statins, including atovastatin. I sious liv injuy with clinical symptoms and/hypbiliubinmia jaundic occus duing tatmnt with ATOLIP CV , pomptly intupt thapy. I an altnat tiology is not ound, dnot stat ATOLIP CV.

Thombolytics: Th saty th concomitant administation clopidogl, ibin non-ibin spciic thombolytic agnts and hpains was assssd in patints with acut myocadial inaction. Th incidnc clinically signiicant blding was simila tthat obsvd whn thombolytic agnts and hpain a co-administd with aspiin.

Patints with non-ST-sgmnt lvation ACS , including patints wha tb managd mdically and thos wha tb managd with coonay vasculaization, clopidogl has bn shown tdcas th at a combind ndpoint cadiovascula dath, myocadial pillmedica com review. inaction (MI), stok as wll as th at a combind ndpoint cadiovascula dath, MI, stok, actoy ischmia. patints with ST-lvation myocadial inaction (STMI), clopidogl has bn shown tduc th at dath om any caus and th at a combind ndpoint dath, -inaction, stok. Th bnit patints whundgpimay pcutanous coonay intvntion is unknown.

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