We base all our services on experience, professionalism and innovation


We offer a complete organization of events from idea creation, realization and evaluation.


Memories remain after each event, which can be in the form of photos or videos.

Our professional photographer / cameraman will capture all the unforgettable moments of your activities. Every corporate event, project activity or presentation of your company deserves to have its own short video, and we are able to provide you with the best cameramen and editors who will make a short retrospective in accordance with your wishes, which may contain footage of event preparation, realization and ultimately the message your event carries.


Every event needs to be accompanied by quality sound.

We have different types of sound systems that provide quality sound even in the most complicated spaces. Our sound system provides superior sound in the sense that every listener in the space hears speakers, music performers or presentations with the same intensity. We are always striving for new technologies, and we pay special attention to sound because it is a very important segment of the whole event.


With the help of professional lighting, we enable that your space be fulfilled with warmth and to create a totally different dimension of space in accordance with your needs, which exudes warmth, creativity and atmosphere.


Communication in different languages with today's technology is no longer a barrier.

We are able to do simultaneous translations in multiple languages. We also have Tour Guide equipment.


Interesting elements that everybody notice because these are visually interesting settings that capture the attention of every passerby.

All elements can be branded.


Scenography is one of our favorite elements that allows us to show originality and creativity.

If you need a stage, curtains, LED screens, constructions, various types of awnings for covering, we are able to offer everything in accordance with your or our idea.


Branding gives the space a special note and marks your event for all time.

We are able to do small and large print formats on all types of materials including 3D installations.

Our team of designers will create unforgettable visuals for you.


Use 3D mapping to project desired images into large areas such as buildings, facades etc.


Do you lack support staff? Our hostesses can help you with the registration of participants, distribution of materials, implementation of activities. Whether it is business elegance or a sporty look, we can offer you different types of clothing combinations in which these young people will contribute to the best possible promotion of your product / activity.